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In accordance with the strategic plan that the Companies have, we offer the support service in the financial analysis and structuring process, in order to adjust the needs of the clients with the characteristics of the environment.


Project Finance 

Accompaniment in the study and financial structuring of a new project, and in obtaining resources in the market.

We advise on the financial analysis and structuring of businesses that seek to obtain resources from national or foreign investors, which are obtained through the constitution of Collective Investment Funds (FIC) or Private Equity Funds (FCP) that capture resources directly from the public and invest them in these projects.


For legal purposes, these Collective Investment Funds and Private Equity Funds are governed by Decree 2555 of 2010. Through this decree, FIC is understood as any mechanism or vehicle for the collection or administration of sums of money or other assets, made up of the contribution of a plural number of determinable persons. The resources of the Collective Investment Funds and the Private Equity Funds are managed collectively to obtain economic results that are also collective.

Structuring of Collective Investment Funds - Private Equity Funds

Business Valuation

Companies are valued as ongoing entities. To achieve this objective, a study of the environment in which the company operates is made, projections are made in accordance with the company's strategic plans, and future flows are discounted at a discount rate that considers the inherent risk of the business and the capital structure.


Administrative Agent: we represent the financiers before the Concession and the National Infrastructure Agency. Likewise, we administer the Credit Agreement and supervise compliance with the obligations of the other financing documents.

Noteholder Monitor: we represent the noteholders before the Concession and local Lenders. Likewise, we carry out technical and financial monitoring of the Projects, showing the progress of work and construction progress in the different areas of construction. Finally, we supervise compliance with the general and financial obligations of the Notes Trust Agreement.

Calculation Agent: we calculate the early termination formula established in the Concession Contracts. Likewise, we calculate various financial indicators required in the financing documents.

Intercreditor Agent: we represent the Financiers before the National Infrastructure Agency and provide support in the decision-making processes and other matters related to the Agreement between Lenders.

Collateral Agent: we manage, supervise and execute, if required, the guarantees acquired as part of the Project Financing.

Infrastructure Services

Advice to companies both in the valuation and in the negotiation that opt ​​for acquisition processes (both for sale and purchase) or merger as a corporate strategy to generate value through synergies, opening of new markets, expansion of coverage, etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions 

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